Schroth Cure

Original Schroth Cure in Oberstaufen


Oberstaufen is the only officially recognised "Schroth Cure Spa" in Germany. The Original Schroth Cure is a naturopathic treatment which has been successfully applied for a long time and continuously developed.

A combination of calorie-reduced dishes (free of animal fats, protein and salt), a change between days with higher and days with lower drinking volumes (named "dry" days and "drinking" days) and full body wraps in the early morning hours stimulate your health and vitality.

Your body will be relieved through the Schroth Cure and holstic wellbeing will begin.

If you choose to do a Schroth Cure, we recommend staying at least two weeks. A particulary good deal is our package "Schroth & Vital".

Our package "Schroth Cure taster week" is perfect for a first introduction to the Schroth Cure.

Enjoy the Original Oberstaufen Schroth Cure in our hotel.

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